WETRANSFER.COM is a free,convenient and an easy way to send photos via web browser or a simple application installed on phones. To download here:
Below are some helpful information via web browser
on phones, the file transfer button is in the upper right corner

In web browser:

Open the page www.wetransfer.com
Click on the box “Take me to free”
You must agree with the terms of service and cookie policy
We complement 3 fields

  • Email to: foto@fotografia-ostrowski.pl
  • Your e-mail address
  • Message box – important information regarding the order (format, paper, contact)

Click “+ Add files” and choose one or all at once (CTRL + A shortcut) files to send, 
click “Transfer”
That’s all. To the given address we will send you a notification of the files and information when we receive your files. Thank you!

zamawianie zdjęć
zamawianie zdjęć
zamawianie zdjęć
zamawianie zdjęć